Human Resources

Tuition Assistance

The University provides its faculty and staff members and their families with tax free tuition assistance to foster their continuing education, subject to plan limitations. The following is a brief summary of benefits provided and is subject to the terms and conditions of the detailed plan document that governs the tuition assistance benefits. For complete details of eligibility, definitions, benefits and guidelines, please refer to the appropriate Tuition Assistance plan document.

Who Is Eligible?

Regular full-time employees, who have met the various service requirements, are eligible for the following tuition benefits:

Regular part-time employees, who have met the service requirement, are eligible for the following tuition benefit:


The University contributes toward tuition charges as follows.

Benefit Representative Contact Information:

Kim Olivastro
Tuition Benefits Coordinator
Phone: (314) 935-5759
Fax: (314) 935-8198

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