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Important updates to the Washington University Retirement Savings Plan are being implemented to make it easier for you to plan and save for your future. Use the information on this page to learn more about what is changing and how it may affect you.

View the guide to learn more about the changes effective in September 2017.

Reminder: Important Deadline!

If you want to make changes to your contribution amounts to the Washington University Retirement Savings Plan before automatic enrollment and automatic save features go into effect, you must do so by August 31, 2017.

How this impacts you:

  • For those not contributing: On September 1, 2017, all benefits-eligible Washington University employees not contributing to the retirement savings plan will be enrolled into the plan with a contribution of 3% of pay.
  • Any employees contributing up to 2.99% of pay will see their contributions increase to 3% of pay.
  • For employees contributing between 3% and 10% of pay, your contribution rate will be increased by 1% on September 1, and each year on July 1 until you reach 10% of pay.
  • If you currently maximize your contribution to the plan, the automatic save feature may cause you to reach the limit earlier in the year.
  • The automatic save feature will apply to all employees each year.

To review, modify or stop the auto-enroll and auto-save features:

If you have not already made a change at, you have the option to modify or stop the automatic enrollment and “auto-save” features by logging into your account at and clicking on Change My Contribution, under My Account. Make selection(s) regarding your contribution and the auto-save and auto-enroll features; continue until you reach the confirmation screen.

This action must be taken by midnight on August 31 in order to prevent the automatic features from being implemented. Refunds cannot be made for participant contributions.

To review your account or talk to a Washington University Retirement Savings Plan representative:

Log in to your account at to view your account information, beneficiaries, see the latest performance data, make transactions and access retirement planning tools. You can also call the dedicated Washington University Retirement Savings Plan line, 888-488-3419, weekdays 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).

Learn more about the Retirement Savings Plan.

Washington University Retirement Savings Plan web page for complete details


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