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Retiree Benefits

To be eligible for retiree benefits, faculty and staff must meet the "Rule of 65": any combination of age and years of current consecutive benefits-eligible service (50% FTE or more) that equals 65 or more with two minimum requirements: 1) age 55 and 2) 5 years of current consecutive benefits-eligible service. Only full years of age and full years of service with the University count towards the Rule of 65.

Health plan information and forms:

Retiree Health Plan Information

         CLAIM   This organization provides assistance with signing up for Medicare Part D 

         Healthcare Exchange - 

NEW - Health Insurance Resource Available to Pre-65 Retirees

A free educational service provided through HealthCompare is available to assist pre-65 retirees in exploring and comparing other health insurance options that are available through the individual marketplace. The individual marketplace offers many health insurance plan options, some of which may be more cost effective than WUSTL’s Pre-65 Retiree PPO Plan. Please review the HealthCompare Notice and FAQs for information about this resource.  Contact HealthCompare either online at or toll-free at 844-233-2176.

Retirement Medical Savings Account

To begin reimbursement of qualified medical expenses, you must complete the "Claims Activation Form" linked below and submit to TIAA-CREF at the address or fax number found on the first page of the form.  Please contact TIAA-CREF at 1-877-554-1004 for more information on accessing your account balance to pay for out of pocket retiree health care expenses.  For more information, see the RMSA benefits web page.


  • If you are a WUSTL retiree, your RMSA account will be activated for claims submission and you will receive your welcome packet AFTER your retirement date. The packet is mailed in a very generic looking envelope, so don’t throw it away!
  • If you are not a WUSTL retiree, but have retired and want to start using your RMSA funds, please complete the RMSA Affidavit and the RMSA Claims Activation Form found on the “Forms” page of our website. Be sure to include the required documentation when you submit your forms.
  • You must transfer funds to the Money Market Fund in order to start submitting claims. Please call TIAA-CREF’s toll free number and select Option 1 for assistance with making this transfer if you are not comfortable making this transfer yourself through the secure site.
  • Connect Your Care is the third party claims administrator for this plan. The welcome packet will be sent by Connect Your Care, which is where all paper claims should be submitted.

Distribution Options & Investment Counseling

During the retirement planning process, many employees find it  helpful to utilize the counseling session services offered by TIAA. Representatives are available for one-on-one sessions held on the Danforth Campus, West Campus and Medical School Campus on various dates throughout each month. Counselors can assist with many retirement savings and planning questions during a counseling session. When attending a session, please bring account information for those accounts that are not held with the investment institution whose counselor you will be meeting with.

An important detail to consider before moving your funds from the WUSTL Plan is that of the cost of investing. Be sure to review the annual Fee Disclosure for the WUSTL Plan and compare the cost of investing elsewhere before you move your retirement account.

To schedule an appointment please contact either TIAA at the number listed below or by visiting the website below:

  •          TIAA 1-800-732-8353                       

Retiree Benefit Policies

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