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Flex Spending

The University offers its employees a definite tax savings opportunity by paying their health premiums and their out-of-pocket health and child care expenses with pre-tax dollars. 

What is a flex spending account? Watch this video from ConnectYourCare to learn more.

ConnectYourCare (CYC) Customer Service — (866) 347-7276

Who Is Eligible?

Regular faculty or staff members working 50% FTE or more are eligible to participate in three flex plans: Health Insurance Premium, Health Care Spending, Child Care Spending (described below).

Enrollment Period

Eligible employees may enroll within 31 days after their date of hire, during the annual open enrollment in November and/or within 31 days after a family status change. You must re-enroll each year to continue your participation in this plan. Continued participation is not automatic.

Effective Date

First of the month coincident with or following date of hire, January 1 following annual open enrollment and/or first of the month following a family status change.


  • Health Insurance Premium: The employee's monthly premium for the University-sponsored health plan is automatically deducted from employee's gross wages thus reducing their taxable earnings.
  • Health Care Spending: Employees may elect to pay their out-of-pocket health care expenses with pre-tax dollars up to $2600 per calendar year.
  • Dependent Care Spending: Employees may elect to pay their out-of-pocket child care expenses with pre-tax dollars up to $5000 per calendar year.

Important Dates

Any funds contributed during 2017 may be used for qualified expenses incurred January 1, 2017 through March 15, 2018, while employed at Washington University. Any money left in your 2017 account on March 15, 2018 may be reimbursed by submitting receipts for eligible expenses no later than April 30, 2018. Any money left in your account and not claimed by April 30, 2018 will be forfeited.

Filing Claims with ConnectYourCare

All health care and child care spending account claims are to be filed directly with ConnectYourCare. ConnectYourCare offers three convenient ways to submit claims:

  • ConnectYourCare Health Care Card - Use for health care expenses to minimize the need to submit paper claims. Working like a debit card, the money is drawn directly from your health care Flex spending account. ConnectYourCare debit cards are good for four years. Flex participants who have a ConnectYourCare card issued in 2017 will not receive a new card until 2021. Your 2017 election amount will be loaded onto your existing card. Review important FSA FAQ's.
  • Pay My Provider - Log into ConnectYourCare's website or register on their site if you haven't already done so. On the screen where you enter your claim information, when you get to the bottom, your name is listed as the Payee by default. Under your name, click on "Add Payee." You will then be able to add the provider information so your provider can be paid directly.
  • Pay Me Back - Submit reimbursement form and receipts by uploading online or fax to ConnectYourCare for reimbursement. Offers rapid claim turnaround time and direct deposit (if applicable). Forms are available on the forms page of the HR website.

ConnectYourCare (CYC) Customer Service — (866) 347-7276


Danforth Campus Benefit Representative's Contact Information:
Jennifer Gang
(314) 935-7745
Campus Box: 1190

Medical School Benefit Representative's Contact Information:
John Henderson
(314) 362-9341
Campus Box: 8002

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